• april marie norton

The Cost of Being an Am’biSHEs Gal

Every time she achieved one goal, it always seemed as if she was already working on the next one. Why is this? What is it about the am’biSHEs Gal that makes it seem like she is always fighting to become the next greatest version of herself? Truth of the matter... it’s because she is! She understands that there is always another level of success or greatness that she hasn’t achieved yet but it also comes with huge costs as well. Every phase of her life requires a different type of strength; a different type of tenacit; a different dose of ambition. She realizes that the struggles that existed in the last level won’t even compare to the current ones so she has to be equipped with her am’biSHEs Gal cape to conquer the quest. The cost of being an am’biSHEs Gal is not for the faint at heart. You must be willing to smile even when you’re crying on the inside. You must be willing to make sacrifices that the average person won’t. You must be willing to bet on yourself and put your ambition on the line to live out your true purpose and destiny!!!!!

Are you willing to pay the price?

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